Bryan Mills Design



In 2004 I charged into the professional design world with reckless abandon and a dream of being responsible for changing the face of a brand. Creative is life for me, unashamed to express my innate creative nature, I permanently wear creative, I bleed creative, I live to create. I strive every second of everyday to be a well-rounded and superior design skill set through illustration, page layout, typography, photography, advertising, videography, website design and motion graphics. Utilizing the unique set of specialized tools in my tool belt, one of the most important of these being my integrated design development process.

Graphic design is bigger than just pretty pictures and graphics, graphic design for me is a medium to problem solve. Without the proper elements, a trained eye and a precise skill set to assemble these elements, the visual communication is not effectively applicable and more importantly understandable to the consumer’s untrained eye. Finding visual solutions for problems is my passion. My work ethic, unique process of thinking before the computer is even turned on, knowledge and strategic integrated design process is proven to add exponential quality any brand, segment or industry market.