Bryan Mills Design



The samples of work below I captured, edited and polished into its final form in Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro. My depth of knowledge in video, video editing, storyboarding, timeline creation, ideation and brainstorming is on display in each sample. In most cases, in order to reach a final produced quality, multiple creative programs were utilized in synchrony.   

ONE Industries / Misfits Launch

ONE Industries 2014 Launch

Stanton Handcrafted Co. Launch / Brandifesto

ONE Industries MIPS Technology Infographic

2013 ONE Industries Bike Launch

Thor MX Flux Line Launch - Featuring the legend Kurt Caselli.

Thor MX Verge Helmet Launch

Thor MX Flux Line Launch - Featuring Darryn Durham.

Thor MX Flux Line Launch - Featuring Marvin Musquin.

Thor MX Amateur Team

Thor MX Amateur Spring Nationals